Welcome to the plot.com! My name is Donal Hanna. I’ve been working in IT since 1994, and have been into photography since 2007. If you are here because you know me, or because you’ve stumbled across the site via your favourite search engine, I hope you’ll find something useful.

Ping and me

Ping and me


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  1. Nice to see Ping! We also enjoyed our visit to Cambodia. We went by bus from Trang in Thailand to Siam Reap. John says I should do a blog like you so that I would know where we have been! I remember we went to Cyprus and Turkey a few weeks ago!. Sympathise with the dyssentry. I collected a dose between India and Katmandhu many years ago. When we went out to look at the Himalayas at sunrise John reckoned the hills were alive with the sound of…….

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