Broken tripod…

This is annoying: I only bought this tripod about a month ago, and it’s broken already:

The leg clamp in the top centre is showing the small brass pin that acts as the hinge. The retaining plastic has sheered off. I’ve only used the tripod a couple of times, and it hasn’t had the chance to get knocked around. It looks like the hinge mechanism has broken under its own pressure.

Update [05/09/2008]

I got in touch with the eBay seller about the fact that the broken hinge. Not only did he replace it very rapidly, but he refunded the postage on the returned tripod.

3 thoughts on “Broken tripod…

  1. Ouch!

    Did I tell you – the Giotto tripod I got for my trip to Iceland only got used once – it was bright enough not to be needed even in the middle of the night…! 🙂


  2. No long exposures then?? The longest – successful – shot that I took on hols in France a couple of months ago was 70 seconds. You do need to clone out a few ‘burnt’ pixels though.

    Speaking of burning pixels, did you read the review of the D90 on dpreview? Nikon have limited the length of movie file capture due to a buildup of heat in the CMOS.

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